Enjoy a perfect holiday with you and your family at our brand new resort Kunuku Aqua Resort at Curaçao in the Caribbean.

We would love to welcome you as our guest in one of our 24 apartments and 189 hotelrooms. All these apartments/rooms offer a high class interior with also excellent standards in cleanness and security. The rooms Slide, Enjoy and Swim differ in sizes. Which room is available for you depends on your group size. When you book one of the rooms Slide, Enjoy and Swim you will book also an all-inclusive stay. When you book our Kunuku apartment you will be able to choose for an all-inclusive stay or on basis of lodging. Apartment Kunuku has a big kitchen so you will be able to take care of your own meals in your apartment.

We have a lot of excellent facilities to bring you so much joy with your friends or family during your holiday. In our restaurant we will serve your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will find different swimming pools with in total 3 slides, a special pool for small children and a pool for the persons who just want to swim lengths. For paying a visit at the Willemstad or to relax at the beach we will bring you with our shuttle-service.

Our brand new resort Kunuku Aqua Resort is the place to be at Curaçao for everyone. Book now your holiday.

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