Welcome at Kunuku Aqua Resort

Kunuku Aqua Resort provides a perfect stay for all those who want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Caribbean!

Kunuku Aqua Resort has a total of 24 apartments and 189 rooms. The rooms have different sizes and it depens on your travelcompany which room you will get. The different types of rooms are Slide, Enjoy, Swim or an appartment. When you book a room at our website, your reservation will automatically be based on all-inclusive. All apartments have a kitchen which give you the choice to stay based on all-inclusive or logies.
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$160 per night

Room Slide

$107 per night

Room Enjoy

$123 per night

Room Swim

$128 per night

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Great holiday!

We had a great holiday and the park was just renovated. We really enjoyed everything. The food was good, the cocktails were great an the staff was very friendly!

- 9 -

A paradise for children! Friendly staff. The food was good. Shuttlebus service available. We don't have any disadvantages.

We will come back.

- 10 -
Paradise which is centrally situated

What a great place! Overhere, you can totally relax. Up to now, we have never came somewhere where you get in the relax and holiday mode just by arrival.  The resort is very clean. Also the room was spacious with great beds and a luxurious bathroom. Staff is very friendly and cheerful!

- 10 -