In Willemstad as well as within old plantations, you´ll find houses and structures similar to those of the dutch cities of the 17th to 19th century. The architecture is a reminder of old Amsterdam, painted in a colorful caribbean style. This unique combination has been granted the honour of world heritage by the UNESCO. Since this is not only impressive but also fascinating to have as a background for holidays, we have decided to use a lot of color for our vacation houses as well. This way you get high class and comfort in a happy, caribbean style.

In times of colonialisation, Curacao was disputed between Holland, France, England and of course pirates. Some small fortresses were built for protection. You`ll find these fortresses along the coast.  They are defintely worth a visit and offer some very nice spots and perspectives for taking pictures: Fort Amsterdam, Fort Beekenburg, Fort Nassau, Fort Waakzamheid, Riffort and Waterfort.



The best beaches of Curacao are located at short driving distance from our vacation houses. Within minutes, our shuttle will bring you to Daaibooibaai and Porto Marie. If you like some company, you can head for Cas Abao, also known as Bon Bini Beach. This beach is accessable for a small fee. Here you´ll find a restaurant and a shop to provide you with all necessarities for a lovely day at the seaside. You can rent kayaks or go snorkeling. The current is modest and the beach is pretty good protected from wind.

Jan Thiel Beach is located right beside the big bay, east of Willemstad. Here you`ll find a restaurant and other facilities to have a pleasant day at the beach also with your kids. Jan Thiel beach is most suitable for the whole family. It has shallow areas allowing kids to play around. The beach is easily accessible by car, less than 20 minutes driving from Kunuku Resort. and  Besides Jan Thiel, the beaches of  Avila Hotel, the beach at Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort, Mambo Beach and Zanzibar are also recommendable for the whole family.

Playa Kenepa and Playa Abou are accesable without charge. Playa Abou, also known as „Grote Knip“ and „Klein Knip“ also known as „Kenepa Chiki“ are located at the western end of Curacao. Very recommendable and only 10 minutes driving from Kunuku Resort.

A unique beach can be found on the island of Klein Curacao „small Curacao“, about 13 km off the main island. Regular boat trips are available at moderate charges. Klein Curacao used to be inhabited, now you`ll find a forgotten lighthouse and a wreck. Nevertheless, there`s really fine sand and the boats ferry more than enough beverage and snacks for a day`s trip.